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Our Sitters

We couldn't be 4 Paws at UK without our sitters! Sitters are a pivotal position that help primaries in times of need. They will watch the dogs for us while primary handlers work/study/etc.. Sitters, we can't thank you enough for everything that you do!


Kate Anderson

"I joined UK 4 Paws as a sitter my freshman year and absolutely loved every aspect of the club. I always admired the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that the members created no matter if you are a sitter or a primary. The love for this club is what led me to become a primary for Hanabi. I have never felt so much love and support from people as I did when I was a new primary, everyone was there to help and answer questions no matter what. As a sitter again, it is so fun to meet all the new dogs, get to know all the handlers, and love each dog as if they're my own!"

Kate & Hanabi


Hannah Casey

"I joined 4paws to get involved on campus and expand on my knowledge of service dogs and what kind of training goes into them. I think it’s so cool to see the dogs grow in their training and help kids and veterans in the future. I like 4paws because you get to choose how much you want to be involved and everyone in the club is so encouraging and supportive of each other. I cannot recommend joining 4paws enough and it 110% was the highlight of my freshman year!"


Hannah & Parsley


Abby & Hanabi & Elton

Abby Hassinger

"My love for dogs has been apart of me since I can remember. I knew coming to college was going to be a huge adjustment, but joining 4 paws right away quickly became part of the reason why these last 3 years have been the best yet. I have been a sitter for 3 years now and it has been the best decision of my life. I’ve gotten to opportunity to watch so many dogs, meet so many people, as well as live with the best 4Paws dog for 4 months (Hanabi). Although it is hard to build bonds with the dogs and have to let them go, it is rewarding knowing you played a part in that dogs success in becoming a service dog and changing lives."

Sami Jones

I struggled with college my first semester because I’d moved almost 400 miles away from home, had no friends, and countless free time. So, my cousin, who was a 4paws sitter at the time, told me I should consider joining the club. This was honestly the best thing to happen to me. The dogs are fantastic, and a great distraction from the mundane nature of college, and the handlers are just as great! I’ve made so many friends over the past year and countless memories that I will never forget! I absolutely adore our 4paws club.


Sami & Cruncheroo

Rylie Stanley

I love being apart of 4 Paws! The sense of community and family in this club is so unique. Being in this club has changed my college experience for the better! Being able to help out the primaries has been so rewarding and has helped me as a person! I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!

Rylie and Kenji


Kierra Oney

I love UK 4 Paws for so many reasons. There is something so impactful about watching these dogs grow up. As a sitter I get to watch a variety of dogs and it is so fun to work with them and watch them grow. I love the org’s goal of training service dogs so that they can help others and I love the other handlers. 


Kierra & Kenji

Sami with Cruncheroo


Nick Osborne

I have absolutely love being a sitter for UK 4 Paws for the last year! It gives me such a unique opportunity to be able to work with so many different dogs and who are at different stages of their training! Working with so many different dogs has helped me work on my skills and made me a better handler! It’s a great feeling seeing all the dogs I have watched go on do to amazing things! 

Nick & Pardi

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