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  • How to I join 4 Paws for Ability?
    To become a volunteer trainer, please see our organization webpage for more information about what positions and requirements we have. In general, this is the steps of becoming a volunteer trainer: 1. Apply on our organizations website (click link above). 2. Conduct a short phone interview with a staff member (if applying to be a primary). 3. Complete a Volunteer Trainer Online Training course (on Canvas). 4. Attend an onsite orientation. Once completing this you will officially be 4 Paws approved!
  • How do I join 4 Paws at UK?
    After you have completed all the required steps to be approved by our organization, then you are welcome to join the club and we encourage all UK students who are members of 4 Paws to do so! 1. Fill out the club interest form in our linktree! 2. Within a week you should be hearing back from our President or Recruitment Coordinator. 3. Pay club dues, and you'll be added to the GroupMe chats and Canvas page. That's it!
  • How much does it cost?
    4 Paws covers the cost of all essentials. This includes: - Gear (vest, easy walk, collar, tags) - Food - Kennel - Leash - 1 food/water bowl - 1 bone and ball to start off - Monthly medicine - Vet procedures - Haircuts (doodles and poodles) 4 Paws does not cover: - Treats - Other toys - Bandanas - Gear if it was destroyed - Gas - Medical procedures if approved to be done by a local vet
  • Can I foster if I've never had a dog before?
    Yes! Our organization trains incoming trainers in the rules, proper handling, and obedience that we are allowed to train the dogs while they are with us. The only requirements to be a handler include: - Volunteer Trainer homes must be within 3 hours of 4 Paws for Ability, Xenia, OH (exception for college students - see question "Does the dog come home with me on breaks?") - Must be at least 18 years of age - Complete an online training program and attend an in-person orientation at 4 Paws for Ability - Comply with 4 Paws policies and procedures and provide a stable, safe environment for a puppy to live
  • What breeds do you work with?
    Our organization works with the following breeds: - Golden Retriever - Golden Labs - Golden Doodles - Poodles - Newfoundland mixes - Papillons
  • What type of service dogs?
    Our goal as volunteer trainers are to make sure the dogs are well socialized and know basic obedience and manners. We do not take on the task of task training the pups to become a specific type of service dog. That responsibility relies with our senior trainers, and only after the dog gets chosen to start advance training will they began task training to become a specific type of service dog. Below are the different types of service dogs we train: - Autism Assistance - Alzheimer's Assistance - Diabetic Alert - FASD Assistance - Facilitated Guide - Facility - Hearing Ear - Mobility Assistance - Multipurpose Assistance - Seizure Assistance - Veteran's Assistance
  • How old are the pups when you pick them up/return them?
    The pups typically can be picked up between 12 and 16 weeks. They are usually moving to their next steps around a year to a year and a half old. This is also very variable though.
  • Can I have pets at home?
    Yes! You can have any pets in the home. For pet dogs the following are required: - The dog has been in the home for over 3 months - The dog is spayed/neutered - The dog is up to date on all vaccines - The pet dog and the 4 Paws dog are properly introduced (detailed information on the VT's Canvas given to us during the application process) For all other pets there are no extra requirements.
  • What are the club requirements?
    Club members do have requirements to meet in order to keep their status. As a new member, you are required: - Attend a Club New Member Meeting in the month you join. (Example: If you join October 6, you are required to go to the October Club New Member Meeting.) They go over everything about the club and 4 Paws in general. This is your time to get acclimated and ask questions! - Attend a minimum of one club meeting per semester. These occur on the last Sunday of every month at 6pm. At club meetings, important information is passed along from 4 Paws headquarters to handlers at UK, and we discuss upcoming events and opportunities for the pups and their handlers. - Sitters are required to earn 3 "points"* during the semester outside of the monthly meeting. One must be a monthly meeting and one must be morale event, the other is up to your choosing. - Primary handlers are also required to earn 5 “points”*. They are required to earn one point from a monthly meeting, morale event, events event, fundraising event, and another up to your choosing. - Lastly, members are required to pay dues of $15 once a semester! * “Points” may be acquired by attending meetings, fundraisers, events, parties, etc.
  • Can I still be involved even if I don't have the time to raise and train a dog?
    Yes! We have two positions that our volunteer trainers fill offsite. Primary handler and secondary handler. Primary handlers are individuals who lives on or off campus who will be caring for, training, and socializing a 4 Paws dog in their home. Primary handlers live and work with one dog that they have been paired with. Secondary handlers, or better known as sitters, is a university student who lives on or off campus looking to short-term assist other Volunteer Trainers during the day or overnight. Secondary handlers work with a variety of different dogs in our program and are not paired with a specific dog. We always recommend that new appliers start off as sitters to get a feel for many different types of dogs before picking up their first foster (but of course jumping right in is allowed too)! Being a sitter is great for many reasons, not only do you get to sit whenever you have the time, gain experience and work out the kinks before committing to a pup full time, but the primaries in our club are so grateful for them! UK 4 Paws LOVES our sitters! If you do decide to jump in to being a primary from the start, our officer team is there for any questions, comments, concerns you may have!
  • Can the dogs stay in the dorms?
    Yes! As long as you fill out the required forms for 4 Paws and UK then the dogs are allowed in the dorms as long as they are fully vaccinated (16 weeks).
  • How long do you foster the pups for?
    It depends! Sometimes our VT's will pick up a pup very young and will have them for over a year. Other times our VT's will pick up an older pup and only have them for a few months. It all depends on the age you get them and when they move on to their next step.
  • Does the dog come home with me on breaks?
    Yes! The pups can come home with you on breaks even if you live outside of the three hour radius. As long as your housing is approved and the proper forms are filled out in time (location change form) then there is no issue!

Last Updated: January 2023


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